Still my all time favorite sign. "Huda's", corner of Irving Park, Lincoln and Damen. There are so very many things wrong with this picture...

OK. First of all, this clearly used to be an old style corner diner. The current owners nailed a board over the old sign, and just unscrewed the lightbulbs that used to spell out the previous name. No where on the sign or storefront does it actually say "Huda's". I wouldn't have known the name of the place had they not appeared in the Ward 47 newsletter when they were shut down for health violations.

We won't even discuss "Tawn".

But I will say, nothing hits the spot like a Hat Dog.

UPDATE 1: You'll be glad to know that they've cleaned up their act, and they're open for business again.

UPDATE 2: They won the battle, but lost the war. Huda's is closed and the sign is gone. Probably not much of a loss for hot dogs, but a crushing blow to Chicago signage.

Thanks to all who wrote to point out that this used to be the Little Seneca Grill. That helps me feel somewhat better about the whole thing.

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