Kennedy expressway at Montrose.

Update 2 : Thanks to Eric Zorn for his wonderful January 29 column on the Magikist Lips sign. The story about Minnie Gage - the sign's inspiration - made this Chicago landmark even greater in retrospect. Hard to do...

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Update: I often get mail from Chicago expatriates, looking for the familiar sights of home. Those of you browsing the site from other parts of the globe, you can stay where you are. Me, I can leave any time now.

The Magikist lips are gone. According to one onlooker, the sign was badly damaged as it was taken down. I'd heard from the owner of a surviving Magikist franchise who wanted to buy the sign, but it seems unlikley the lips will make their way up to Milwaukee.

Original Note:

By popular demand - the most beloved sign in all of Chicago. If you doubt this, try doing a Google search on "Magikist Lips" and see what you get. Folks as far away as the space station Mir have reminisced about this sign and are happy to share it with the rest of us.

In its heyday, this sign made getting stuck in a traffic jam fun. Well, at least if you were a kid or weren't in any sort of hurry. It doesn't light up any more, but it is still super-fabulous.

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